PIE CHART TO YOUR DOG’S HAPPINESS (According to Cesar Millan).

The following is a snapshot of Cesar Millan’s book ‘Cesars Way’.

I am not suggesting that I agree with the stated principles, rather an opening for discussion!

“I have some practical advice to offer you. This advice applies to all dogs, no matter the breed, no matter the age or size, no matter the temperament, or whether the dog is dominant or submissive. This is my three part formula for fulfilling your dog’s life. Be reminded – this isn’t a one-time fix for a troubled dog. Dog’s aren’t appliances; you can’t simply send them out to be repaired once and that’s it. If you expect this formula to work, you have to practice it every day of your dog’s life.

The formula is simple: in order to have a balanced and happy dog, you must provide three things:

Exercise, discipline, affection – in that order.

Exercise: this should be the first and most important activity between dog and significant other.
Discipline: this should be done as setting rules, boundaries and limits between dog and significant other. Discipline also means consistency with the given activities and jobs.
Affection: This should be the last activity done with a dog by the significant other. Affection can also be used as a reward for good behaviour (preferably with no verbal sound.)

Why is the order important? Because it’s the natural order of your dog’s inborn needs. The problem in the United States is that most dogs receive only part of the formula from their owners – affection, affection, affection. Some people do better, giving their dogs half affection, half exercise. Others practice all three but affection first. As I’ve stressed again and again in this book, that is a recipe for an unbalanced dog. Yes, our dogs crave our affection, but they need exercise and leadership first. Especially exercise.”

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