Topsham & Exeter Dog Training Tips

Welcome to our group and this website. Topsham & Exeter Dog Training Tips is for those in the area seeking tips and advice on all matters of dog training. This is a not-for-profit group and advocates totally force free training. This post is written at the height of ‘Lockdown III’ and, as such, face-to-face meetings and consultations are suspended. Please feel free to ask any questions and get involved in the discussions. The various blogs below are on general aspects of dog training rather than dealing with specific issues or training problems.

The group does not advocate the use of punishment or dominance as training methods – nor of dressing dogs up in COVID masks or fancy dress!

NEW Woofbuzz online community App is now available for download from your App store. Still early days and many more new sections are planned. This is the beta version currently only avaiable on mobile devices. Full access, including for laptops, is planned for May. This is a free educational service. Paid for video consultations will also be available. Hope to see you there!

The group’s link is here:

My personal Facebook business page may also be viewed here:

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